26 de setembro de 2007

>> rendez-vous

... um dia escrevi isto.

it’s late and he left behind a long way...
tired from the journey, he sits in front of the piano.
there he is on the middle of the hall,
he's cold and with his heartbeats going faster than the car that brought him here.
the hotel is empty… it figures, the clock marks 4 a.m.
a smooth and shy melody starts echoing all over the place.
there’s a cold suet on his hands, but even though… he’s getting warmer.
a door opens... there she is.
the piano is their rendez-vous point,
music will always be their rendez-vous point.

thom yorke - videotape [live from the basement]

6 comentários:

Maria disse...

muito bom! :)

lazy.matt disse...

Palavras pra que?

Mr. Yorke e basta.

abraço Zegre

miss gija disse...

ahh agora decidimos perceber de púsica...e tal!!

miss gija disse...

música*...esta minha cabeça!!

Black Cat disse...

subscrevo o muito bom da Maria.
Ja agora, >>nim, achas que dá pra ires votar lá ao blog, sff?

Dezperado disse...

Este Zarolho dá-lhe tanto... e tu tb pah looool